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The Physicians Report and The Broker Essentials newsletters are each published quarterly and features news relevant to our members and our brokers, such as industry innovations, challenges, developing dynamics, trial results, and more.

Impact of COVID-19

Fall 2020
COVID-19 quickly became a reality in the U.S. in early 2020. Since then, our members have risen to the threat of the global pandemic, with a focus on being nimble, ensuring access to care, and holding up science as a guide. Read more about adaptability, new protocols and tools like telehealth, managing teams, and the economic impacts. 


Summer 2020
Over the past decades, clinical science and medicine have brought an explosion of knowledge, unprecedented ability to diagnose and predict certain diseases, improved management of previously fatal conditions, and groundbreaking innovation in precision therapies. As research and development continues, it will be critical to foster collaboration between stakeholders so physicians and health systems will be supportive of the solutions and so we can build a healthcare system that works for everyone.


Spring 2020
Due to emerging societal trends that impact healthcare, providers increasingly find themselves in difficult predicaments, pitting their personal and professional duty to their patients against broader legal obligations to the community. 


Fall 2019
As we mature in our efforts to improve healthcare in America, one of the lessons learned is to focus more on people and less on diseases. New approaches to care integration can serve that end goal.

Advanced Practice Providers and the Direction of Healthcare

Summer 2019
Healthcare’s push to prioritize quality and safety without increasing costs means advanced practice providers (APPs) will continue to serve as vital,increasingly integrated members of healthcare teams.

Responding to the Evolving Business of Healthcare

Spring 2019
We cannot stop the pace of change; we simply must adapt. This means pursuing alternative ways to grow through strategic partnerships and leading the region in clinical integration with independent providers to make navigating the changing business of healthcare possible.

The Silver Tsunami: Preparing for an Aging Population

Fall 2018
With the “silver tsunami” well on its way to landfall, America’s health institutions are preparing like never before to care for an aging population. Read more about care options for aging patients, how to connect with your elderly patients, what your patients wish you knew, and what really matters at the end of a life.

When Things Go Wrong: Responding to Adverse Outcomes

Summer 2018
Things don’t always go as planned. How your practice or organization responds in the wake of patient harm can make a big difference to the patient, their family, and to you. Read about communication and resolution approaches, investigations that include input from patients /families and root cause analysis, action plans to address systemic issues, and more.

Delivering Health Care to Patients in Crisis

Spring 2018
Health-care providers are in a profound position, treating patients while at their best, their worst, and everything in between. While it’s not always immediately obvious, these patients are often in situations of crisis. Having the right systems in place can help the health-care team be prepared, no matter the crisis.