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The Physicians Report and The Broker Essentials newsletters are each published quarterly and features news relevant to our members and our brokers, such as industry innovations, challenges, developing dynamics, trial results, and more.

Making Medicine Better

Fall 2014
When all parts of the person are cared for, the work of the physician will produce better outcomes. We are fledglings today when it comes to connnecting all these parts. Fortunately, we are seeing many new inspiring technological advancements and more creative ways of working together to Make Medicine Better!

Evolving Practice Models

Summer 2014
Clinically integrated networks (CINs) and accountable care organizations (ACOs) have been getting a lot of press during recent years, but how do they really benefit medicine? How are they different from each other and what makes them succeed? In this issue, we explore CINs and ACOs from a national perspective, plus drill down to look at what our local colleagues are doing to organize themselves into care networks for the next era of medicine.

Business of Medicine

Fall 2013
This edition explores the business of medicine, including helpful articles on how to thrive during this time of health care transformation, how to keep your practice HIPAA-compliant, how to avoid business claims, and more. It also introduces new CME programs, spotlights a Physicians Insurance member, and updates Oregon members on current legislation affecting medical practices.

Making your Practice HIPAA Healthy

Summer 2013
This edition is full of HIPAA advice, case studies, and resources. It also explores social media marketing, details new laws, introduces Board members, welcomes new Physicians Insurance members, describes our new online COI tool, and discusses two professional liability cases resolved by arbitration.

Special Year-End Edition

Special Year-End Edition 2012
This edition describes the company's ongoing local presence and value to policyholders, outlines a recent trial result, introduces new tools and resources, and explains how our members' feedback has contributed to our recent developments.

Summer 2012
This edition shares the company’s recent developments and explores rural health care challenges from physicians’ viewpoints. You’ll read about a recent acquisition for the company, in addition to a tribute to our immediate past chair, Dr. James Campbell, and an introduction to our new chair, Dr. Brian Wicks. Plus, we’ll update you on our work with HealthPact, an exploration of the second-victim phenomenon, and more. In the latest edition of our quarterly newsletter, you will find:

Spring 2012
Read about one obstetrician’s experience with simulation training, learn how physician collaboration influences claim outcomes, and see trial results.

Winter 2011-2012
This edition covers our response to health care changes; describes how our work in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon is expanding; and discusses the implications of Mohr v. Grantham on physician practices.

Fall 2011
Read a physician’s firsthand account of a malpractice lawsuit, view trial results, and learn more about our AHRQ grant.